Ray Mondo - I'm In Love 2002

Ray Mondo, the "Pack Your Things" man with the soulful voice is back with yet another number album "I'm In Love" In the first track of this album entitled " Cool Down" Ray ask all brothers and sisters world wide to cool it down because we don't no war. He ask that we live together as one. The second track take him to his loving mood as he plead for some sweet loving. Ray's third track "Thank You Jah" show the humble part of him as he give god thanks for all that he has done for him. The fifth track on this album "Nursery Rhyme" will be enjoyed by both the young and the old as he takes all those nursery rhymes we all song as kids and put a lovely reggae beat to it. We are quite sure you will he enjoy this entire album. 


1.   Cool Down
2.   Give Me Some More
3.   Thank You Jah
4.   I'm In Love
5.   Nursery Rhyme
6.   Sad Affair
7.   Go Away
8.   My Love
9.   Let's Not Talk About Love
10. I Don't Work Magic (duet with Tina Keys)
11. Bad Man Silk

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