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Soca Explosion

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Saddis, Leadpipe  - Drinking & Feting 03:41
Holla Bak  - Last Time 04:01
Joaquin  - So High 04:01
Richie Rich  - Live Your Life 03:46
King Bubba FM, Mr Rocca  - Move Ya Body 03:34
Scrilla  - We Time Ah Year 03:45
Scrilla  - Any Acohol 03:19
Tella, Altek  - Til Morning 03:37
Rudy  - Demolish 02:46
Rudy  - Ladies Anthem 03:17
Scrilla  - Up Down 02:44
Dirty Versee  - Nut Vendor 02:39
Stiffy  - Eyelid 02:40
Scrilla  - Winning Skill 03:39
Scrilla  - Don't Mind Dem 03:30
Major Shackie  - Tricky Bumpers 03:28
Classic  - All I See

Various Artists   Love De Road (Monkey Steel Riddim) 03:06
Various Artists   De Baddest (Monkey Steel Riddim) 03:06
Various Artists   Trending (Monkey Steel Riddim) 02:46
Various Artists   Pressure (Monkey Steel Riddim) 02:30
Various Artists   Bounce 02:49
Various Artists   Peppa 03:55
Various Artists   Give Me Permission 03:57
Various Artists   Friend Zone 03:26
Various Artists   Soca Chain 03:41
Various Artists   Badoom (Big Rock Riddim) 03:05
Various Artists   Boom Boom (Big Rock Riddim) 03:35
Various Artists   Gi Them It (Big Rock Riddim) 02:53
Various Artists   Bashment Anthem 02:40
Various Artists   No Behaviour 03:43
Various Artists   Wine Down 03:04
Various Artists   Somebody 04:40
Various Artists   Drop That (Big Rock Riddim) 02:28
Various Artists   De Test 02:56

Faith, Scrilla   Gimme (Reload Riddim) 03:13
Jafar   Bang ! (Reload Riddim) 03:12
Rameses   Awol 03:28
nikman   Whinning Tusty 03:39
Scrilla   Playing with My Head (Wildout Riddim) 02:49
Coopa Dan   Whine & Jiggle (Wildout Riddim) 03:06
Salt   Bubble That Pot (Wildout Riddim) 02:55
Lady Vee   Islands 02:20
Jagwa   Drinka 03:13
Scrilla   Bumpa Control (Dubai Riddim) 02:49
Jagwa   Bubble and Guh Down (Dubai Riddim) 02:35
Dirty Versee   Talk Wuh Yuh Like 02:27
Rameses   Fowl Cock 03:37
dalee b   Beat It Up 03:26
snap brandy   Bend Ova and Ride (Snap Back Riddim) 03:13
altuh ego   Time to Bend (Snap Back Riddim) 03:12

Kevin Lyttle   Ya Kiss 03:31
Kevin Lyttle   Sign Your Name 04:23
Kevin Lyttle   Dance With Me 03:30
Kevin Lyttle   Last Drop 03:20
Kevin Lyttle   Mama Mia 04:23
Kevin Lyttle   My Love 03:44
Kevin Lyttle   Drive Me Crazy (Non-album track) 03:48
Kevin Lyttle   I Got It 03:29
Kevin Lyttle   My Lady 03:32
Kevin Lyttle   Call Me 03:45
Kevin Lyttle   Screaming Out My Name 03:14




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bomani dance
bomani wet remix
coyaba wuk ah want to wuk yo
dennis bowman push it back
designer dem friends
fabulous t she selling
kevin lyttle my girl
kevin lyttle roti
problem child and gail ann spank d kitty
problem child friends with benefits
shaunelle have me man
skarpyon turn the lights down low 
statement all over you

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