Reggae 2017 /16/18

Inna Vision — Highest Grade, 2017

Perfect Giddimani live-my-life-again 2017

Original Sicilian Style - Triskele

Sasha Dias - break-free 2017

Victor Rice Smoke (2017)

- Isasha - Talk The Truth 2017

Courtney John - Ecosystem 2017

Alex Bass & The Same Song Band - Bassically (2017)

Capelton - Kings Of Dancehall (Penitentiary) - 2017

Da'Ville treat-you-better-single 2017

Da'Ville - send-my-love 2017

Hollie cook Lançamento 25-01-2018

Hollie cook angel Fire 2018

Prince allan 2017

Rockie Campbell  - This Isrockie Campbell 2017

Yvonne Curtis - Far Away 2017

 Rockie Campbell - call-me 2017


01. Living in the Sunshine    
02. Come In
03. Jah Jah Bless
04. No Blame
05. Mercy
06. Irie Day
07. Journey
08. Rainbow
09. Lesson
10. Love Says It All


01. Soldiers
02. The Truth 
03. For Everyonee
04. Some Of Them 
05. Freedom Time 
06. Festival 
07. Beautiful Creation 
08. Everlasting 
09. Like This 
10. Jah Light


01. Repatriation 
02. Teacher Morris
03. 3 Minutes Of Talk! 
04. Bitter Nut 
05. Mother Of Civilisation 
06. Zion Gates 
07. Brimstone & Fire 
08. Dog And The Bone 
09. Black Man 
10. Jamaica

01 Walla Walla
02 Life is a Funny Thing
03 Put Those Fools
04 Brutal
05 Try Me One More Time
06 Christopher Columbus
07 We Are Free
08 Another Moses
09 Strugglers' Time
10 Anti-Christ
11 Freedom Train
12 Band Your Belly
13 Love Is All
14 I Have a Party

01 Intro + Ramblin (Rico Rodriguez)
02 Curly locks (Lee Perry)
03 Todo lo daría (Todos Tus Muertos)
04 Sun is shining (Bob Marley and The Wailers)
05 Cuando (A. Testa & T Rennis, Invitado Fox Colonna en Guitarra)
06 Caravan (D. Ellington, invitados Fox Colonna en guitarra y Amadeo Bonaiuto en trompeta)
07 Seek & destroy (Metallica)
08 Elegí (N.Y.S.E., invitada Nora Reves en flauta traversa)
09 Mucha gente (Juan Fort)

01 Abeja (En la sangre)
03 Lo ajeno (A lo freak)
04 Peligroso
05 Pelea hasta el fin
06 No hay más
07 Hormigas
08 TCR
09 Y porqué fue
10 Humildemente
11 No duermas
12 Ya no
13 Careta

01 Frontline
02 Remember Me
03 Daylight
04 The Big Badoof
05 Paved with Cold
06 Taking Back Control
07 Things Fall Apart
08 Mayhem
09 3 Reasons
10 Pass the Power

01 Your Love
02 Singer Man
03 Sufferer
04 Hold Down
05 I'll Be Around
06 Winey Winey (Reggae)
07 The Clip
08 Rumble Rumble
09 Come We Go Moonwalk
10 Complicated Scene
11 Easy Ride Reggae
12 Nice Nice
13 Kiss a Little Finger
14 Undertaker's Burial
15 Splash Down
16 Sic Him Rover
17 Right from Wrong
18 The Bad
19 Musical Madness
20 Rumble Version 2
21 Barefoot Brigade
22 Out There
23 Out There Version II
24 Version from 3

Jamming 06:24
Natural Mystic 05:12
So Much Things To Say 04:25
Guiltiness 07:23
The Heathen 06:42
Burnin' And Lootin' 06:15
Positive Vibration 05:32

Jackie Robinson new-roots 2017

Equal Rights 03:14
Cry, Cry 02:59
Wandering Eyes 03:11
Days of Destruction 03:30
Gully Bank 03:31
Brothers Were Killing 03:49
You've Got Me 02:51
Jamaica 03:29
Nuh Fraida Dem 03:59
Rainy Days 03:14
Shower Me with Your Love 02:56
Whey You Deh? 03:31

Top of the Pops 05:41
You Got a Hold on Me 04:05
Truths & Rights 04:08
Tribute to Bob Marley 04:22
Baby Come to Me 05:26
This Morning 03:06
Hey Little Girl 04:09
As Mad as Can Be 03:42
Labour Ward 03:05
Never Conquer Natty Dread 08:10

Be You 06:30
Make Mercy 03:07
Feverish 02:52
Feversion 04:04
Light & Love 02:32
Mistah Know It 03:54
Fancy Gyal 04:01
Baby Rock It 06:11
Man a Thief 02:58
Nah Go 04:10
Sunny 05:42
Prezident Brown – Journeyman Pilgrimage (Towerman) 2017

Bullhead Mountain (Country Mi Come from) 
Hexagram 56 (The Traveler) 
Respect And Manners (Reloaded) 
Badman Yesterday 
Desperate Times 
Life Is A Gift (Live Studio Re-Cut) 
Baby Boy (Rebirth)
Love Line 
I Love Jah (Live Studio Re-Cut) 
Jah Melody Instrumental 
Soundsystem (Dance Fi Gwaan) 
Jungle Vulture 

Glen Washington -Time Of My Life (Love Injection) 2017

Lady Love
Writing on the Wall
The Love of God
Time of My Life
Rastafari Taught Me
Love Is My Order
Do You Love Me
Only for You
Hold My Hand
Where Will You Go
My Father’s Will
Love Around

Sizzla – I’m Yours (FX Music) 2017

Fair Chance
Shoot You 
My Girl 
I’m Yours 

Ziggi Recado – The Commission (Nayamari) 2017

We OK 
What You Want
Grind Mode 
My Love

Pepsi Brown – Shadows Of The Past (Da Nubian Pon Microphone) 2017

Vague Portfolios 
Real Talk
On You 
Zoological Park
Plant My Garden 
Shadows Of The Past 
Ruler In The Game 
Run Di Place 
Nighttrain To Amsterdam 
Forever More 
Here Comes The Rudeboy

Damian Jr. Gong Marley – Stony Hill (Republic) 2017

Here We Go 
Nail Pon Cross 
Time Travel 
Living It Up 
Looks Are Deceiving
The Struggle Discontinues 
Autumn Leaves 
Everybody Wants To Be Somebody 
Grown & Sexy 
Perfect Picture
So a Child May Follow 
Slave Mill 
Speak Life

KING JAMMY - Waterhouse Dub (2017)

KING JAMMY - Waterhouse Dub (2017)
01 Lethal Dub
02 Revenge Attack
03 Captivity Dub
04 Kingdom Of Jah
05 Dubbing On The Riverside
06 Holy Mount Zion Dub
07 Top Secret Dub
08 Super Power Dub
09 Red Square Dub
10 Village Dub
11 Fire House Dub
12 Experience Dub
13 Queens Highway
14 Jammys A Shine
15 Dub For Dave Hendley


CD 1
01 Big Seven
02 Je T'aime (Moi Non Plus)
03 Big Eight
04 Grandad's Flanalette-Nightshirt
05 Y Viva Suspenders
06 Big Ten
07 Oh She's a Big Girl Now
08 The Winkle Man
09 What Kung Fu Dat
10 Dread Rock
11 End of the World
12 Confessions of a Bouncer
13 Come Outside
14 Dance of the Snods
15 Mind the Doors
16 My Ding-A-Ling
17 Dread's Law
18 Lover's Rock
19 Fatty Dread
20 Bring Back the Skins

CD 2
01 Big Six
02 Up With the Cock!
03 Jamaica Jerk Off
04 Molly
05 Big Nine
06 Look a Pussy
07 Big One
08 The Blue Cross Code
09 Dr. Kitch
10 Move Over Darling
11 Big Punk
12 Rudeness Train
13 Take Off Your Clothes
14 The Six Wives of Dread
15 This Little Piece of Dinkle
16 Big Evertything
17 Dread's Almanack
18 Worker's Lament
19 The Belle of Snodland Town
20 Will I What?

CHRONIXX - Chronology (2017)

CHRONIXX - Chronology (2017)
01 Spanish Town Rocking
02 Big Bad Sound feat. Chronicle
03 Skankin' Sweet
04 Ghetto Paradise
05 Country Boy
06 Smile Jamaica
07 I Can
08 Selassie Children
09 Black is Beautiful
10 Majesty
11 Loneliness
13 Tell Me Now
14 Legend
15 Christina
16 I Know Love (Bonus Track)

TANYA ASAKY - Simply Me (2017)

TANYA ASAKY - Simply Me (2017)
01 Baby Come To Me
02 Dance All Night (feat. Freddie McGregor)
03 I Love You Still
04 Long Time (feat. Agent Sasco)
05 Rapture
06 You Say (4:49)
07 Take My Time
08 Let’s Not Talk
09 Tell
10 Love’s Gone Away

BENJMIN ZEPHANIAH - Revolutionary Minds (2017)

BENJMIN ZEPHANIA - Revolutionary Minds (2017)
01 Earth Liberation Sound
02 Revolutionary Minds
03 President
04 Interlude
05 More Animal Writes
06 Cool Down
07 Hot Like Jamaica
08 In This World
09 Am A Revolutionary
10 What Stephen Lawrence Has Taug
11 Interlude 2
12 The Bass Is Coming Down
13 Uprising Downtown
14 You Dream


Biga Ranx – 1988 (Wagram) 2017

Liquid Sunshine 
Low Grade 
My Face 
French Fries
Tropic Sky
Petit Boze 
Life Long 
Do My Ting 
French Wine 
Rendez Vous 
Lazer Beam

Mark Wonder – Dragon Slayer (Irie Ites) 2017

Dragon Slayer
Celebrating This Life
Militancy Extended Dubwize
Break Dem Asundah
People Need Security
Freedom Fighters
Lots of Raging Extended Dubwize
Hol’ Yuh Kulchah
Iyainghi Rebel
Solomonic Dynasty
True Patriots

Cornell Campbell - Natty Dread Nah Mix Wi Babylon - 2017

01 cornell_campbell gorgon_always_conquers
02 cornell_campbell bad_girl
03 cornell_campbell dream_girl
04 cornell_campbell stuck_in_the_dream
05 cornell_campbell stolen_girl


Dillinger - Man Fi Yard - 2017

01-dillinger-da killa
02-dillinger-pilla to post
03-dillinger-natty hold oN
05-dillinger-jah guiding
06-dillinger-best time
07-dillinger-dub killa
08-dillinger-dub root
09-dillinger-dub hold
10-dillinger-trad dub
11-dillinger-guide dub
12-dillinger-dub west 

Embrace Your Failures
Educational Revolution
Room In Your Heart
Live Upright
Strength of Love
Level Up the Livity
Seeds Of Love
Room In Your Heart Remix
Embrace Your Failures (Acoustic Mix)

Sly & Robbie meet Bunny Lee at Dub Station (2006)
01 Dub Takeover
02 Nobodies Dub
03 A Dub Tribulation
04 Liquidator Dub
05 African Dub Child (Part 1)
06 None Shall Escape The House Of Dub
07 Legalise The Dub
08 Satta Massa Dub
09 A Bad Way To Dub
10 Dub To The Roots
11 Zion Gates Of Dub
12 Looking In The Eyes Of Dub
13 African Dub Child (Part 2)
14 Moving Out Of Dubland

Zion Youth Dub 
Strolling Into Dub 
Rocky Dub Road 
Rich N Dubby 
Dubbing Everything 
Dub Posers 
Dub Cry 
Dub Can’t Cool 
Dub 420 
Carry On Dub

Mumma Knows Best 
Niente Piu Lacrime 
Crystal Woman 
Roots Rockin

Give Thanks
Dem Want
African Unity
On the Move Again
Get Rid of Trouble
Wish to Life
Gimme Jah Love
Mr. Collie
Strategy of Rome
These Are the Days
Downpresser Man

Incorporation of Dub
Duke It
I Roy’s Head
Jazzbo’s Head
In Jah’s Name
Dub a Jah
Benwood Dick
Stone Wood
Dee’s Hot Stuff
Dub Fi Denham
Road Duke
What a Version

Premier Time
No King
Anything for Love
Ruler of the World
Are You Ready
Love Me
Version Love

Paradise of Africa 
Love Version 
appy Family 
Be Happy 
She Sweet 
Father Colour Him 
My Oh My 
The One 
Burst Through Clouds 
Mad Love 
Me Try Get Next to You

I Way
The Feeling
Ya Never Know
Nah Shut the Door
Happy Lady
Everything Is You
Plead Big
A Reason More

Morning Train Home
Sin Free
I Trouble Trouble
Be Ready for Jah Word
Wail of Siren
Allow Folly Deals
Chosen Ones

Snap Easy
Shang Is Heck
Out Late
Red Pack
Green Stuff
Forward Man

Double Tiger – Sharp And Ready (Easy Star) 2017

Rocking Time
Crème de la Crème
Babylon Expire
Feel Is Nice
Live Life
Sharp & Ready
A Feelin’
Take A Life
Time Has Come
Ram Dancehall

Calling Rasta For I 
I’m Alone In The Wilderness 
Pirate Days 
Two Sevens Clash 
I’m Not Ashamed 
Get Ready To Ride The Lion To Zion 
Black Starliner Must Come 
Jah Pretty Face 
See Them A Come 
Natty Dread Taking Over 
Prophecy Reveal 
I’m Not Ashamed
I’m Not Ashamed (Version) 
See Them A Come 
Informer (Version) 
State Of Emergency 
Shorty The President 
Natty Gone Clear

Sean Paul – Dutty Classics Collection (Rhino) 2017

Deport Them
Gimme The Light
Like Glue
Get Busy
Baby Boy 
I’m Still In Love With You 
Shake That Thing
We Be Burnin’
Give It Up To Me
So Fine
She Doesn’t Mind
What I Want
Entertainment 2.0 
Top Shotter

Gimme The Light (Pass the Dro-Voisier Remix)

Mystical Man 
The Mirror 
Dub Food 
Dub It Before 
Nobody’s Fool 
Musical Physicians 
Gifts from the Sun 
Food Dub 
Before the Dub 
Dub Physicians 
Mystical Dub

Queen Ifrica – A Bare Klass Selection (2017)

Far Away
Below The Waist
Natty Fi Grow
Another Hit Song
Pot Still Haffi Bubble
Serve And Protect
Round And Round
Corrupt System
Don’t Sign
Family Meeting
Let Me Get To Know You
Tiad Ah Sumhn
No Bwoy
Times Like These
Look Up
Make You Rock
I Can’t Breathe
Let’s Get Silly
Good Man For 1 Xtra In Jamaica 2016

Courtney John – Ecosystem (Soul Man) 2017

Southern Wind 
Paper Dolls 
Yes We Are 
Jah Love Is Waiting 
Never Get Weary 
All the Way 
My Love Is Real 
Easier to Walk Away 
It’s for Real 
Free for All 

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Exodus – 40 (Island) 2017

Exodus (Exodus 40 Mix)
Natural Mystic (Exodus 40 Mix) 
The Heathen (Exodus 40 Mix) 
Guiltiness (Exodus 40 Mix) 
Jamming (Exodus 40 Mix)
One Love / People Get Ready (Exodus 40 Mix)
Turn Your Lights Down Low (Exodus 40 Mix) 
Waiting In Vain (Exodus 40 Mix) 
Three Little Birds (Exodus 40 Mix) 
So Much Things To Say (Exodus 40 Mix)

Sizzla – Fought For Dis (Altafaan) 2017

Fought For Dis
Love You Jah Jah
Happy For You 
Show More Love
Don’t Worry 
The Children Are The Future
Take My Breath Away 
Much More

C & W [TECHNIQUES ALL STARS] - .357 Magnum Dub (198?)

C & W [TECHNIQUES ALL STARS] - .357 Magnum Dub (198?)
A1 Weary Dub
A2 Fashion Dub
A3 Enforcer Dub
A4 Adam Dub Eve
A5 Dub A Carpenter
B1 Dub Feeling
B2 .357 Magnum
B3 Crucial Dub
B4 Killer Dub
B5 Techniques Special

DENNIS BROWN & FREDDIE McGREGOR - Reggae Giants (1990)

A1 Freddie McGregor - Love Jah So
A2 Dennis Brown - Come On My Little Queen
A3 Freddie McGrego - First Sight Loving
A4 Dennis Brown - Get To Love In Time
A5 Freddie McGregor - Sweet, Sweet Love
B1 Dennis Brown - Should I
B2 Freddie McGregor - Tease My Love
B3 Dennis Brown - Man Next Door
B4 Freddie McGregor - No Competition
B5 Dennis Brown - Running Up & Down

CD 1
01 Artibella
02 Dance Crasher
03 I've Got To Go Back Home
04 Take It Easy
05 Breaking Up
06 Conquer Me
07 How Can I Forget
08 I Was Born A Winner
09 Joy In The Morning
10 Let Him Try
11 Nice Time
12 Red Rose
13 You Dont Need Me
14 You're Gonna Lose
15 You've Caught Me Baby
16 Come On Little Girl
17 Every Day Is Just A Holiday
18 Everything Crash
19 Falling In Love With You

CD 2
01 Give Me The Right
02 Let Them Say
03 Little Nut Tree
04 Moving Away
05 Mr. Fix It
06 Nanny Goat
07 Undying Love
08 Watch This Sound
09 Can I Change My Mind
10 Danger In Your Eyes
11 Declaration Of Rights
12 Satta
13 Sweet Talking
14 Hooligan
15 Stranger In Love
16 My Jamaican Girl
17 Beat Down Babylon
18 Curly Locks
19 Love Has Found Its Way

The I Of The Storm (Selassie I Dub)
Lioness Order Dub 
Spiritual Woman Dub 
Fountain Dub 
I Aware Of Dub
Moth To A Dub 
Dub Prevail 
Strumming Dub 
More And More Dub

Dancehall Classics Vol. 1: The Roots Of Dancehall (2007)

Dancehall Classics Vol. 1: The Roots Of Dancehall (2007)
01 Johnny Osbourne - Trench Town School
02 Black Uhuru - Time To Unite
03 Sugar Minott - Right Track
04 King Everald - Blood And Hate
05 Anthony Johnson - Get Ready
06 Locksley Castell - Black Sheep
07 Hugh Mundell - Bottomless Pit
08 Wayne Smith - Wicked Man
09 Johnny Osbourne - Folly Ranking
10 Sugar Minott - Be Careful
11 King Everald - Dread Lock Time
12 Fantels - Name Of The Game
13 Pad Anthony - Girl I Love You
14 Mighty Rudo - Ain't No House

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