Varias - Double Six Reggae 2019

Peter Metro — Cry Metro03:27
Horace Andy — Handle Me Rough03:39
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Soul Fire03:46
Roman Stewart — Live & Learn03:32
Junior Demus — Loving Baloon03:37
Roman Stewart — Loser03:37
The Upsetters — In the Laah02:40
The Upsetters — Scratch the Dub Organizer03:50
Roman Stewart — In the Morning03:44
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Throw Some Water In03:37
Horace Andy — Respiration03:09
Phillip Fraser — Come Ethiopians03:32
The Upsetters — Long Sentence02:01
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Double Six02:17
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Roast Fish & Cornbread03:42
The Upsetters — Tell Me Something Good03:23
Phillip Fraser — Have Faith in Rastafari02:54
Junior Brammer — Everything Me Come Ruff

Lee Scratch Perry rootz-reggae-dub 2019

Lee "Scratch" Perry — Sun Is Shining (Over You)03:00
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Stir It Up (In The Pot)07:09
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Some Day Play, Right Now Stay02:55
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Evil Man Loose In The World05:03
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Punky Reggae Party09:25
Lee "Scratch" Perry — When Will The War Be Over06:53
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Like A Megawave03:12
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Speak Easy On A Quiet Moonless Night08:47
Lee "Scratch" Perry — You All Know What To Do04:47
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Ever Forward05:08
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Stop Killing Your Brothers Down06:01
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Rewind02:23

Lee Scratch Perry rainford 2019

Lee "Scratch" Perry — House Of Angels03:55
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Let it Rain03:44
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Cricket on the Moon04:34
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Run Evil Spirit04:23
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Makumba Rock05:28
Lee "Scratch" Perry — African Starship04:06
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Kill Them Dreams Money Worshippers04:44
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Children Of The Light04:19
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Autobiography Of The Upsetter07:16

Lee Scratch Perry skanking-with-the-upsetter-rare-dubs-1971-1974

Lee "Scratch" Perry — Perry In Dub04:54
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Three Blind Dub04:06
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Perry's Rub-A-Dub03:49
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Perry's Jump Up03:00
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Dub With Feeling02:46
Lee "Scratch" Perry — After Beat Dub03:59
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Problem With Dub04:17
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Roots Rock Dub03:07
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Good Will Dub03:18
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Skanking With Lee Perry03:00
Lee "Scratch" Perry — John Crow Skank03:28
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Kotch Up Dub04:25
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Funky Dub03:41
Lee "Scratch" Perry — One Drop Rockers03:13

Lee Scratch Perry - back-on-the-controls-the-session-reels 2017

Lee "Scratch" Perry, Vin Gordon — Vins Special03:50
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Vin Gordon — Vins Dub03:44
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Words Re-Vision - Lee Perry03:52
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Words Re-Vision - Instrumental03:37
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Vin Gordon — Words Re-Vision - Vin Gordon03:37
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Vin Gordon — Words of My Dub03:43
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Winston McAnuff — Jah is All We Got03:50
Lee "Scratch" Perry, Winston McAnuff — All Our Dub03:52
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Music Speaks to Me02:49
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Lee's Special in Dub02:48

Lee Scratch Perry - Alien-dub-massive 2019

Lee "Scratch" Perry — Lee Perry the Dark Destroyer03:28
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Kojak03:47
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Black Street03:54
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Message From Black Ark03:46
Lee "Scratch" Perry — World Peace03:36
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Jah Power03:39
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Reggae Opera03:37
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Rise Up Kinky03:37
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Gabrielle03:34
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Bush Weed03:43
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Love Doctor03:27
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Rock Well03:45
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Revolution Dub04:24
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Land of Sex04:26
Lee "Scratch" Perry — Kingston Breakdown04:02

Prince Malachi - Break Free

Triston Palmer Spliff Tales 2019

Triston Palmer Spliff Tail03:04
Triston Palmer A-Class Girl02:41
Triston Palmer Bad Boys03:14
Triston Palmer I'm Ready04:10
Triston Palmer Fanciness03:21
Triston Palmer Buy out the Bar03:25
Triston Palmer What a Bubblin03:05
Triston Palmer Tek a Set03:39
Triston Palmer Dancehall Fan03:01
Triston Palmer Greatest Love03:27
Triston Palmer Dance One Tune03:20
Triston Palmer Dance Little Ghetto Girl03:18
Triston Palmer Bad Mind and Ungreatful03:00
Triston Palmer Undying Love03:59
Triston Palmer Collie Man03:33
Triston Palmer Out a Hand03:17
Triston Palmer False Rumours03:21
Triston Palmer Disappointed Lover02:54
Triston Palmer Bring the Kutchie03:02
Triston Palmer Rub-A-Dub Party03:29

Junior English - Win Some Lose Some [1978] (2007)

By Satta massagana

01. Never Win N Loose
02. Tell Me Baby
03. I Bet You'll Never Be Sorry
04. Stay A Bit Longer
05. I'll Never Fall In Love
06. Humanity
07. Your So Good To Me
08. Ready To Learn
09. Heart Breaker
10. Keep On Trying
11. Dance With Me
12. In Loving You
13. Run Girl
14. After Tonight
15. I Never See Luxury
16. Girl You've Changed You


Mastered At – The Music Centre, Wembley
Recorded At – Gooseberry Sound Studios
Recorded At – Chalk Farm Studios
Marketed By – Burning Sounds
Published By – Burning Sounds


Arranged By – Junior English
Backing Band – Zaband´is*
Backing Vocals – J. English*, Lawrence Henry
Engineer – Mark Lusardi*, Sid Buckner*
Mastered By – Kevin Metcalfe
Musical Assistance [Assisting Musician] – Ervin, Roy Simmonds
Producer – Junior English

Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Friends* ‎– People Funny Boy: The Early Upsetter Singles 2019

A –Val Bennett & The Upset All Stars* Spanish Harlem
B –The Inspirations Tighten Up
Single 2: Trojan, TR-612
A –The Mellotones Uncle Charlie
B –The Mellotones What A Botheration
Single 3: Doctor Bird, DB-1136
A –The Mellotones Non Such (Busted Me Bet)
B –Val Bennett Popeye Stranger On The Shore
Single 4: Trojan, TR-616
A –David Isaacs A Place In The Sun
B –The Upsetters Handy Cap
Single 5: Trojan, TR-629
A –Danny And Lee Sentence
B –Lee Perry You Crummy
Single 6: Trojan, TR-636
A –Burt Walters Honey Love
B –Burt Walters Evol Yenoh
Single 7: Trojan, TR-640
A –Val Bennett Baby Baby
B –Val Bennett Barbara
Single 8: Trojan, TR-644
A –The Mellotones Uncle Desmond
B –Sir Lord Comic & The Upsetters Bronco
Single 9: Doctor Bird, DB-1146
A –Lee Perry People Funny Boy
B –Burt Walters Blowin' In The Wind
Single 10: Duke, DU-10
A –Lee Perry What A Botheration
B –The Inspirations Stand By Me


Aswad - Hulet 1979

Aswad - Hulet

Sons Of Criminals
Judgement Day
Not Guilty
Can't Walk The Streets
Playing Games