Carlton The Shoes - This Heart of Mine

1     This Heart Of Mine    
2     Give Me A Little More    
3     Don't Change    
4     Better Days    
5     I'm In Chains    
6     Arise Abraham    
7     Sincerely Yours    
8     Send Us Moses    
9     Never Give Your Heart Away

Carlton Livingston - Retrospect

Here I Stand

Mr. D.J.
Cold Winter
Hot Summer
If You Were My Woman
Love Was The Game
She's Gone

Carlton Livingston - 100 Weight Of Collie Weed 1984

A1     100 Weight Of Collie Weed    
A2     Making Love    
A3     Fret Them A Fret    
A4     I'm Your Lover    
A5     See Them A Come    
B1     Call Of The Rastaman    
B2     Never See Come See    
B3     Soundman Clash    
B4     If This Girl Was Mine    
B5     Let The Music Play


Producer : Hyman Wright & Percy Chin

Mixing Engineer : Phillip Smart

Backing Band : The Hi-Life Players

Studios :
HCF (New York, USA)

Carlton Livingston - Rumours 1984

More We Are Together
Blood A Go Run
Come Over Here
Rasta Get The Blame
Party Tonight
Are You Afraid
Hold Me
Leave It Behind
Trodding Through The Jungle
Don't You Remember
Feel Like Dancing
Baby Girl
Producer : Clive Jarrett & Bebo Phillips

Carlton Jackson - History Of Captivity 1977

01 Carlton Jackson History Of Captivity
02. Old Dub - The Upsetters

Carlton & The Shoes - Love Me Forever 1979

Love Me Forever     3:48
Never Give Your Heart Away     3:10
Love Is All     3:35
Sincerely Yours     2:39
Just Me     3:29
This Feeling     3:39
I've Got Soul     2:58
Love To Share     3:25
Me And You     3:04
Forward Jerusalem     3:00


juninhorootsbahia telegram vol 5

91 Sylford Walker   Lambs Bread bw Dub In African (South East
92 Sylford Walker - Babylonians
93 Sylford Walker   Jah Golden Pen  1975
95 Sylford Walker  Eternal Day (extended)
97 Sylford Walker  Trinity   Burn Babylon   Don't Trouble Natty
98 Misty In Roots   Poor  Needy 12 inch
100 Vivian Jones   Red Eyes
102 Sharon Little   Don't Mash Up Up Creation
103 Barrington Levy - Praise His Name 12 inch
104  Willi Williams - African Choice
105 Willi Williams - African Choice Dub Version
106 Willi Williams with Herb Alpert Stepping Dub
107 Willi Williams featuring Herb Alpert One More
108 Willi Williams -Snyabing


Beres Hammond - In Control

Reggae Calling  4:02 
We've Found It  3:58 
Just Say No  4:25 
No Disturb Sign  4:25 
I Won't Surrender  4:08 
Can't Get Enough  3:37 
Another Day In The System  3:59 
Giving Thanks  3:54 
It's Not Too Late  4:34 
I Could Beat Myself  4:03 
Motherland  4:08 
Smile For Me  4:15 

Beres Hammond - Have A Nice Weekend

A Long Vacation
Leave It Up To Love
Tender Lies
Stop Your Hiding
I'll Let You Go
Have A Nice Week End
Keep On Trying
Dream Merchant
Missing You For A Mile
You Don't Have To Cry


Beres Hammond - Putting Up Resistance

1    Putting Up Resistance  
2    I'M In Love  
3    Give A Break  
4    Look Fi Me Girl  
5    Strange  
6    Tonight Is The Night  
7    On The Dancefloor  
8    Love On The Wire  
9    Only The Lonely  
10    Give Thanks In The Morning  
11    Heroes Die Young  
12    Distress


Beres Hammond - Beres Hammond 1985

Teeny Weeny Little Loving
These Arms Of Mine
Lovely Day
If Only I Knew
What One Dance Can Do
She Loves Me Now
Starting Over
Someone Phoned
Till You've Got Love
Groovy Little Thing


Mixing Engineer : Willie Lindo & Michael Riley & Douglas Grama
Engineer : Michael Riley & Ruddy Thomas & Christopher Daley

Arranger : Beres Hammond
Producer : Beres Hammond & Willie Lindo

Vocals : Beres Hammond
Backing Vocals : The Tamlins & Sherri Vuhri & Boris Gardiner & Beres Hammond & Pam Hall
Drums : Sly Dunbar & Mikey Boo Richards
Bass : Val Douglas & Robbie Shakespeare & Lloyd Parks & Gibby
Guitar : Dwight Pickney & Willie Lindo
Piano : Franklyn Bubbler Waul & Gladstone Anderson
Synthesiser : Franklyn Bubbler Waul & Robert Lynn & Mallory Williams
Keyboards : Robert Lynn
Horns : Nambo Robinson & Dean Fraser & David Madden
Drums Programming : Carl Ayton & Sly Dunbar & Franklyn Bubbler Waul & Robert Lynn

Studios :
Recording : Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & Aquarius (Kingston, JA)
Remixing : Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & D & D (New York, USA)

Beres Hammond - Soul Reggae 1976

Playlist :

You Don't Have To Lie
Oh Take Me Girl
My Whole World
Don't Wait Too Long
Somebody Lied
Is This The Right Way
I'll Never Change
Got To Get Away
Your Love Won't Shine
One Step Ahead
One Step Ahead (Instrumental)
Oh I Miss You
Oh I Miss You (Instrumental)


Engineer : Errol Ross
Arranger : Willie Lindo
Producer : Willie Lindo

Vocals : Beres Hammond
Backing Vocals : Cynthia Richards & Merlyn Brooks & Ernest Wilson & Cynthia Schloss
Drums : Mikey Boo Richards
Bass : Val Douglas & Art McLeod
Guitar : Willie Lindo & Robert Johnson & Clarence Weirs
Piano : Harold Butler
Synthesiser : Harold Butler
Electric Piano : Earl Wire Lindo
Organ : Tyrone Downie
Tenor Saxophone : Glen Da Costa & Carlton Samuels & Cedric Im Brooks
Trombone : Joe McCormak
Trumpet : David Madden & Nathan Breckenridge & Jackie Willacy
Alto Saxophone : Cedric Im Brooks
Clavinet : Robert Lynn
Congos : Cedric Im Brooks
Flugel Horn : Jackie Willacy

Studios :
Recording : Aquarius (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Aquarius (Kingston, JA)

Juninhorootsbahia (JRB) VOL 4

70 Rasheda   Shashamane Ft Augustus Pablo Version
71 Palmer Brothers   Step It Out A Babylon
72 Delroy Williams  The Sons Of Africa   I See Wickedness
75 Cultural Roots   Jah No Partial
76Desmond Young Warning  Dub
77 Joe Yamanaka and The Wailers Reggae Vibrations
78 Martin Campbell   Stumbling Block 10 inch
79 Mike Brooks - Money Is Not All
80 Rod Taylor  Mikey Dread & King Tubby ‎– His Imperial Majesty  Dread All The Way
82 Roman Stewart - No Peace Until
83 Ken Boothe - Silver Words
84 The Gatherers  The Upsetters ‎– Words Of My


Juninhorootsbahia (JRB) VOL 3


48Tapper Zukie  - Raggy Joey Boy
49 Prince Far I  Ashanti Roy - 83 Struggle
50 Iganda - Mark Of Slavery Extend Slow Down
51 Tapper Zukie - Man a warrior
52 Jean Adebambo   Paradise 1980 (12' ReggaeLovers Rock classic)
53 Jean Adebambo   Paradise 1980 (12' ReggaeLovers Rock classic) Dub
66 Danny I  - Be Still and Know
67 Carl Dawkins - Cry Me A River


The Sensation ‎– Born To Love You

A1    Born To Love You   
A2    War Boat   
A3    Once In My Life   
A4    If You Don't Watch Out   
A5    Those Guys   
B1    Every Day Is A Holiday   
B2    Sinner Man   
B3    Trust Your Heart   
B4    Just One Smile   
B5    Call Me Mr Blue

Ricky Grant - I Love Jah Rastafari 1982

Record date : 1982

Album style : dancehall, dub, solo vocal

Playlist :

I'll Never Let Go
I'll Never Let Go Version
Far Far Away
Far Far Away Version
Jah Love Is Great
Jah Love Is Great Version
Check It Out
Time Is The Master
Time Is The Master Version
I Love Jah Rastafari
I Love Jah Rastafari Version

Producer : Augustus Pablo

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Dj Seles Na Pista vol 01


01 - Horace andy let your teardrops fall
01 - Dennis Brown revolution
02 - Dennis Brown get myself together (new style)
03 - Dennis Brown armagedeon
03 - Horace andy pressure
04 - Dennis Brown breaking down the barriers
04 - Horace andy this is reggae music
05 - Horace andy  black liberation warris
05 - Dennis Brown  weak man
06 - Dennis Brown it's magic
07 - Horace andy  girl i love you
08 - Horace andy  i like it like that
08 - Horace andy  she don't want me
09 - Dennis Brown  have you ever been in love
10 - Dennis Brown  the promise land

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The Best Of Juninho Roots Bahia Vol 02


31 Anthony Chambers - Jah Foundation
32 Desmond - Young Warning  Dub
33 Fitzroy Henry - Cant take my eyes off you  Dub
34 Mike Dorane - You Gotta Change
35 Pete Campbell - Does She Have A Friend For Mee
36 Mike Brooks    Holy Jah Jah Extend 7 inch
37 Mike Brooks   Long Long Time
38 Don Carlos Plantation  dub
39 Gregory Isaacs - Poor Man In Love
40 Joe White - People are changin
41 Mykal Rose - Shanty Shack
42 Mike Dorane - You Keep Me Hanging On
43 Lloyd Charmers - Just My Imagination
44 Ken Boothe - Ain't No Sunshine
45 Chosen Few - You Are Everything
46 Ken Boothe - Let's Get It On
47 Ken Boothe It is because i'm black  Dub