Bob Andy - Lots Of Love & I

Bob Andy - Lots Of Love & I

High Note LP #SP 152
Record Date 1977

Lots Of Love & I
Feel The Feeling
You Lied
Troubled Woman
My Time (I Deserve)

Unchain Me
Stepping Free
Mash It Up
Ghetto Stays In The Mind
Engineer : Errol Brown
Arranger : Bob Andy
Producer : Bob Andy & Sonia Pottinger
Vocals : Bob Andy
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Bertram Ranchie McLean
Guitar : Rad Bryan
Piano : Ansel Collins
Organ : Earl Wire Lindo
Tenor Saxophone : Tommy McCook
Alto Saxophone : Herman Marquis
Trumpet : David Madden
Trombone : Vin Gordon
Clavinet : Robert Lynn

Studio :
Recording : Treasure Isle
Mixing : Treasure Isle

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