Looney Roots - From Roots We Rise - 2017

Looney Roots - From Roots We Rise - 2017


01. She Is a Queen
02. No Place Like Home
03. Lost Love (Picking up the Pieces)
04. So Right
05. God's Design
06. Victory feat. Chronixx
07. Father Protect Me
08. Never Forgotten

Keznamdi - Skyline Levels 2017

01. She Is a Queen
02. No Place Like Home
03. Lost Love (Picking up the Pieces)
04. So Right
05. God's Design
06. Victory feat. Chronixx
07. Father Protect Me
08. Never Forgotten

Karlos Marz Band- Shine 2017

Jah Warrior - World Of Confusion Dub 2017

Jah Warrior-World Of Confusion Dub (Jah Warri...

01-Disunited States
02-Brexit Rock
04-The Militia
05-Electoral Fraud
06-Massacre In The Nightclub
07-Alternative Facts                                  
08-Global Warming
09-Tribute To Bernie
10-Innocent Bystanders
11-Black Lives Matter
12-The Assassin
13-Refugee Crisis
14-World On Fire

J Dubular - View from the Summit (Town Records Records) - 2017

04-j_dubular-move_with it

Barrington Spence - Speak Sofly

A1 The Message
A2 Speak Softly
A3 Jah Jah Train
A4 I've Seen You Everywhere
A5 Let Locks Grow
B1 Darling Dry Your Eyes
B2 Children Don't Cry
B3 Let's Get It On
B4 Jah For All

Mad Professor Meets Jah9 – In The Midst Of The Storm (VP Records) 2017

The I Of The Storm (Selassie I Dub)
Lioness Order Dub
Spiritual Woman Dub
Fountain Dub
I Aware Of Dub
Moth To A Dub
Dub Prevail
Strumming Dub
More And More Dub

The Aggrovators Present – Prince Far I (Aggrovators) 2017

Morning Train Home
Sin Free
I Trouble Trouble
Be Ready for Jah Word
Wail of Siren
Allow Folly Deals
Chosen Ones

The Aggrovators Present – Lloyd Charmers King Of Sing (Aggrovators) 2017

Paradise of Africa
Love Version
appy Family
Be Happy
She Sweet
Father Colour Him
My Oh My
The One
Burst Through Clouds
Mad Love
Me Try Get Next to You

The Aggrovators Present – Rico Rodriguez (Aggrovators) 2017

Snap Easy
Shang Is Heck
Out Late
Red Pack
Green Stuff
Forward Man

Elusive Groove - Easy Rebel (2017)

Tell The People
Easy Rebel
Listen To The Riddim
Get Up
Run From Babylon
Give It To Each Other
Dub From Babylon 

Donna Marie - Reggae Love Music (2009)

01 Talking In Your Sleep
02 Make A Broken Heart
04 I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me
05 I Might As Well Believe
06 Go On Home
07 Welcome To My World
08 One Of Us
09 Heartache Following Me
10 Darling Forever
11 You Said You Love Me
12 Welcome To My World (Remix)
13 I'll Wake You Up When I Get Home
14 Darling It's You Alone That I Adore
15 Can I Have This Dance
16 Part Of Me
17 Send Me Back My Love
18 Strange

Dillinger - Man Fi Yard - 2017

01-dillinger-da killa
02-dillinger-pilla to post
03-dillinger-natty hold oN
05-dillinger-jah guiding
06-dillinger-best time
07-dillinger-dub killa
08-dillinger-dub root
09-dillinger-dub hold
10-dillinger-trad dub
11-dillinger-guide dub
12-dillinger-dub west 

Norris Cole - Jamaica

01   Jamaica
02   Can I Have This Dance
03   The Fight
04   Josephine
05   Run Around Sue
06   Serious Thing
07   Never Want My Love
08   I Wish I Could Love You Again
09   So Many Lovers
10   After All
11   Heartache
12   No Love Letters
13   Lovely Lady
14   Go Away
15   I Ain't Giving Up

Cornell Campbell - Natty Dread Nah Mix Wi Babylon - 2017

01 cornell_campbell gorgon_always_conquers
02 cornell_campbell bad_girl
03 cornell_campbell dream_girl
04 cornell_campbell stuck_in_the_dream
05 cornell_campbell stolen_girl

Como Baixar pelo Telegram Discos de Reggae

Como pular protetor de link os 5 Segundos do Adfly

Norris Cole - Uptown Girl Joe Gibbs

01. Uptown girl
02. Botheration
03. You have Changed
04. I am Losing You
05. Just between us
06. Dial my number
07. What you dishing out
08. Tell me
09. I am in love
10. Miss Identity
11. Oh we girl
12. My Candida
13. What you gonna do
14. Dont come knocking
15. Sweet love
16. Crazy
17. All Over you
18. Who do you love
19. Easy loving
20. True Loving
21. I am so hurt

Iba - Many Lives

Aniversario 7  de Maio

Iba - Many Lives

01 - Stay In The Right
02 - Love Life
03 - World Crisis
04 - Save The World
05 - Jah Teachings
06 - Many Lives
07 - Strongest Woman
08 - Afrika
09 - Don't Talk
10 - Smile
11 - Vibes
12 - On The Road
13 - Babylon Don't Like
14 - Zion Trail


Iba (pronounced: 'Eye-bah') was born Charles "Chucky" Encarnacion on May 7, 1970 on the island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. As the son of a musician, Iba was indoctrinated into music at a very young age and his passion for knowledge led him to embrace the teachings of Rastafari in his formative years. Overtime and through much diligence, Iba became lead singer of St. Croix's Front Line Reggae Band and quickly became one of St. Croix's celebrated singers.

In 1995, life and mother nature (Hurricane Marilyn) intervened in this burgeoning career and Iba relocated to Connecticut, USA. In Connecticut, Iba kept at his passion by fronting the Survivor's Reggae Band for the next 3 years. In 2001, Iba recorded several songs with Bambú Station that were selected for their acclaimed compilation "Talkin' Roots - Volume I".

On July 1, 2003 Mt. Nebo Records launched Iba's full length debut album "Jah Lion (Children of the Nile)", and now there's the singer's highly anticipated sophomore album, "Many Lives". Backed by well arranged fresh original riddims played by Bambú Station, Iba -- whose voice and delivery is very distinct -- delivers his ever conscious lyrics in truly fine style

Iba nasceu na ilha de St. Croix e foi batizado como Charles “Chucky” Encarnacion. Filho de um músico, Iba conheceu a música muito cedo e se foi se envolvendo nas mais dinâmicas formas, desde bandas de Escola, como DJ, e finalmente como cantor de Reggae Roots. O cantor foi inspirado por figuras lendárias como Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Steel Pulse, e outros conscientes artistas que despertaram nele uma paixão pelo conhecimento e um grande interesse pelos ensinamentos do Rastafarianismo. 

Como um Jovem Rasta, Iba cantava em festas familiares, clubes e qualquer evento em que podia segurar o microfone. Ele estudou com alguns dos melhores cantores de St. Croix e hoje é aplaudido pelo estilo original de cantar que criou. Ao passar do tempo, Iba se tornou cantor da banda “Front Line Reggae Band”, onde rapidamente ganhou o título de um dos melhores cantores da ilha. 

Em 1995, O Furacão Marilyn devastou as Ilhas Virgens, criando grandes dificuldades financeiras para todos, inclusive Iba que teve que deixar a música em segundo plano e sair da “Front Line Reggae Band”. Logo após esse acontecimento, ele decidiu se mudar para Connecticut. Após se adaptar aos rigores da vida urbana, Iba entrou para a “Survivor’s Band”, onde permaneceu cantando por 3 anos. 1 ano depois ele conheceu os seus compatriotas das Ilhas Virgens – a banda Bambu Station. 

Jah Cure - Ghetto Life 2003

Every Song I Sing
King In This Jungle - Jah Cure (feat. Sizzla)
Western Region
Zion Way
Run Come Love Me - Jah Cure (feat. Jah Mason)
Zion Awaits
Hail To My King
Trust Me
Ghetto Life
How Can I
The Love Of My Lfie
Hanging Slowly
Dung In Deh
Vibes Man A Build
Keep On

Jimmy Cliff ‎– Music Maker 1974

A1 Brother 4:02
A2 I Want To Know 2:44
A3 You Can't Be Wrong And Get Right 3:27
A4 House Of Exile 5:31
A5 Foolish Pride 4:17
A6 No. 1 Rip-Off Man 3:39
B1 Long Time No See 4:22
B2 I've Been Dead 400 Years 2:37
B3 Look What You Done To My Life, Devil Woman 3:30
B4 Music Maker 3:00
B5 My Love Is Solid As A Rock 3:47
B6 Money Won't Save You 3:34

Janet Kay - Capricorn Woman1984

1 Silly Games 4:09
2 Imagine That 3:36
3 Feel No Way
Saxophone – James Danton 4:15
4 Rock The Rhythm 3:16
5 Do You Love Me
Backing Vocals – Dennis Bovell, Marie Pierre
Bass – George Oban 2:26
6 Can't Give It Up
Backing Vocals – Dennis Bovell, Marie Pierre 4:04
7 That Night
Bass – George Oban 3:28
8 Capricorn Woman 4:01

Jah 9 - New Name 2013

New Name 4:30
Intentions 4:48
Preacher Man 4:51
Interlude 1:06
Gratitude 4:05
Taken Up 4:16
Avocado 3:46
Mr Right 4:06
Jungle 4:05
Imagine 4:19
Legitimate 4:17

Jah Shaka - Dub Salute 3

Jah Shaka - Dub Salute

01 - Iya One Say Dub
02 - Mercy Gone Dub
03 - Jah Solid Rock Dub
04 - Addis Abba Dub
05 - Anyday Now Dub
06 - See Me Dub
07 - Are You Ready Dub
08 - Love One Another Dub
09 - Pressure Dub
10 - Moving on Dub

Jah mason - rise

1 Gess & Spell
2 Black Princess
3 I´ll Never Brake Your Heart
Featuring – Zeno (4)
4 All We Say & Done
5 No More We Slave
6 Rise This Morning
Featuring – Capleton
7 Life Goes On
8 NWA Gwaan
9 The Girls Want Bling
10 Ya Ya Yah
11 Them Come Friendyou
Featuring – Zeno (4)
12 Life
13 Music Them Want


WELL PLEASED & SATISFIED - Sweetie Come From America

ERIC MORRIS & THE WAILERS BAND - Eyere Feeling [1972]

Rod Taylor - His Imperial Majesty + Mikey Dread & King Tubby

Traffic Jam & Wailers Band - History Book

Ta-Teasha Love & The Wailers - Oh Jah Come dub

SENYA THE WAILERS BAND Children Of The Ghetto [1973]

Johnny Clarke Gonna Love You More

Mystical Vibes - Fly Away

KC White - Too Much War Deh

Momento Reggae com Juninhorootsbahia Vol 10

Bob Marley and The Wailers - Rock It Babe 7 inch

Bob Marley, U Roy and The Wailers - Kingston 12 Shuffle

Lee Scratch Perry - Studio Black Ark

Bunny Maloney - Baby I've Been Missing You

Delroy Wilson - Dancing Mood

Barrington Spence And The Wailers Band - FALLING IN LOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME 7INCH

Dreadzone - Second Light

Arkaingelle - Tru Da Fyah 2017

My Journey
Eye Frequency
Tru Da Fyah
Be Good
Afrikan Sun
Beloved ft. Akae Beka
No Race
No War
Children Of The Most High
Ancient Of Days

Barrington Spence Tears on my pillow 7 inch