O Reggae amanhece de Luto Morre aos 62 Anos Edi Fitzroy.

Morre no dia 4 de março de 2017 Fitzroy Edwards mais conhecido por Edi Fitzroy.


Youthman Penitentiary (1982), Alligator

A1 Youthman Penitentiary 4:30
A2 Dread Locks Party 4:07
A3 First Class Citizen 3:11
A4 First Class Dub 3:53
A5 Young Girl 3:15
B1 Check For You Once 3:52
B2 Work On, Mr. Farmer 4:15
B3 Bandulu 3:22
B4 African Queen 4:43
B5 Informer 3:53

Check For You Once (1982), Musical Ambassador

Check For You Once 3:45
African Queen 4:15
Young Girl 3:15
Dread Locks Party 4:10
1st Class Citizen 3:50
Informer 3:50
Bandulu 3:25
Work On Mr. Farmer 4:15
People Dem A Suffer 3:40
Penitentiary 4:30

Eclipse (1987), RAS

Shout It Loud 4:00
Mr. Top Rank 4:00
Ghetto Vibes 3:58
Poor Man's Life 3:59
What A Trick 6:36
Dance Hall Feel 3:43
Stand On Your Feet 3:42
Lonely Woman 3:43
I Really Love You 3:52
Hotel California 5:02

Coming Up Strong (1984), Musical Ambassador

Watch Deh 3:31
Coming Up Strong 3:46
Love The People Want 3:43
Easy Ride 3:14
Princess Black 3:14
Jah Sun 3:05
Motherless Children 3:33
Chant Den Rasta 3:25
Father 3:48
Sow Your Corn 4:08

Pollution (1990), VP

A1 Cry For My Brothers 3:51
A2 Children Of Israel 3:30
A3 State Of Unconsciousness 3:38
A4 Dreadlocks Robinson 3:50
A5 Love Me Girl 3:37
B1 Pollution 3:51
B2 Feel It 3:59
B3 Death Trap 4:20
B4 Working Class Woman 4:00
B5 Wicked Man 3:08

Deep in Mi Culture (1993), Henry K

A1 Love The People Want
Written-By – Edi Fitzroy
A2 Deep In Mi Culture
Written-By – Edi Fitzroy, Sassafrass*
A3 Bounty Hunter
Written-By – Edi Fitzroy
A4 Revolution On My Mind
Written-By – Paul Aiken*
A5 Youthman
Written-By – Edi Fitzroy
B1 Going On A Trip
Written-By – Edi Fitzroy
B2 Hunting
Written-By – Edi Fitzroy
B3 Poor Johnny
Written-By – Edi Fitzroy
B4 Don't You Cry
Written-By – Edi Fitzroy
B5 Revolution (Drum And Bass Mix)

We a Lion (2000)

A1 Mount Zion
A2 Easy Rider
A3 We A Lion
A4 Chant It
A5 Children Weep No More
A6 Earth A Run Red
B1 Princess Black
B2 When You Rise In The Morning
B3 I Really Love You
B4 Youth Man Penitentiary
B5 Give Your Love
B6 Black King

Edi Fitzroy Hold the Vibes (2006), King Step

1. Hold The Vibes
2. Settle Down
3. The Gun (2006) (Feat Prophet 21 And Ambassada)
4. Bad Boys
5. First Class Citizen (2006)
6. Red Green & Gold
7. Heathen (Run For Cover)
8. Chant Down Babylon
9. I See Jah Sun
10. Pretty Lady
11. Dready Queen
12. Never Gonna Leave Me
13. Jah No Dead
14. Mark My Words
15. Open Your Heart
16. Ethiopia In Dub

Edi Fitzroy Remasterizado e Revisited 2017

Check For You Once (3:40)
African Queen (3:52)
Young Girl (2:50)
Dreadlocks Party (4:14)
First Class Citizen (4:41)
Informer (3:33)
Bandulu (3:35)
Work On Mr Farmer (4:16)
People Dem A Suffer (4:03)
Penitentiary (3:54)

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