Burning Spear - The Experience cd 1 cd 2

CD1-1 On The Inside
CD1-2 Music Business - Unreleased
CD1-3 Experience
CD1-4 Jah Rasta - Unreleased
CD1-5 Burning Reggae
CD1-6 Part Two - Marcus Garvey - Record In Australia
CD1-7 Institution - Jamaica Version
CD1-8 Business Dub - Unreleased
CD1-9 My Roots - Jamaica Version
CD1-10 Part Two - Loving Day - Unreleased
CD1-11 Part Two - Driver - Record In Australia

CD2-1 I Am In - Unreleased
CD2-2 Part Two - Man In The Hills - Record In Australia
CD2-3 So Clean - Unreleased
CD2-4 Negril
CD2-5 Pieces Of Dub - Unreleased
CD2-6 Repatriation
CD2-7 Part Two - Happy Day
CD2-8 Throw Down Your Arms - Jamaica Version
CD2-9 Trust
CD2-10 Part Two - Creation Rebel
CD2-11 Come In Peace
CD2-12 Part Two - Door Peep - Record In Albuquerque, New Mexico

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