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1º Rádio de Reggae da Bahia

1º Rádio de Reggae da Bahia
1º Rádio de Reggae da Bahia e a mais antiga do Brasil.

sexta-feira, 28 de julho de 2017

Barry Brown - Jamaica Independence 50th Anniversary

 30 Pieces of Silver 02:52
Are You Ready 03:14
Call on Jah 03:40
Burial 04:04
I'm Not a King 04:18
Enter the Kingdom of Zion 03:51
Call On Jah 03:40
Truth And Right 03:26
Youths of Today 03:32
Youths of Today Dub 04:01
Politician 02:57
School Day (Extended Dub) 06:14
Natty Roots Man 03:36
Show Us The Way 03:54
Ain't Gonna Turn Back 05:27
Almighty I 03:16
Tribulation 03:40
Step It Up Dub 04:47
A Helping Hand 04:01
Conscious Dread (Extended Dub) 05:25
Lego Dub 03:41
Unity Is Strength 03:14
Trying Youthman 03:17
It Must Be Something 03:50
Can't Dub Like This 04:17
Mr. Money Man 03:26
We Need Love 03:28
Youthman In Dub 03:21
Things In Life 03:58
We Have To Work All Day 03:48
Jah Jah Love Everyone 03:28
Don't Let No One Fool You 04:31
Chucky Bo 03:28
Best Things in Life (Extended Dub) 06:06
It's Struggling Time 03:38
Pass the Food 03:08
Lead Us Jah 04:23
Pollution Dub 03:22
Jah Children Must Come 04:02

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