The very best of Luciano (Exclusivo) Produção Juninhorootsbahia

Luciano    One In A Billion   Lion And Roots 7' w Version.mp3
Luciano   Badness And Madness + Version.mp3
Luciano   Crying For Love   Tuff Riddim 7' (Green Bay Riddim).mp3
Luciano   Final Call   Xterminator 7' w Version 1998.mp3
Luciano   Ghetto Children   Safire 7'.mp3
Luciano   Jonah   Xterminator 7' 1998.mp3
Luciano   Just Remember   Spyder 7' w Version (Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Riddim).mp3
Luciano   Love and Blessing   Heights of Heights 7' w Version (Good Over Evil Riddim).mp3
Luciano   Poor and Simple   Xterminator 7' w Version.mp3
Luciano   Shake It Up Tonight   Recorded by Swayne Lonesome[1].mp3
Luciano   Sudden Attack   Reggae Vibes 7' w Version 2000[1].mp3
Luciano   Time To Unite   Vikings 7' w Version.mp3
Luciano   Unite   Xterminator 7' w Version 1998.mp3
Luciano  Your world and mine.mp3
Luciano , Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplin   Rebel With A Cause   Xterminator 7' w Version.mp3
Luciano and Beenie Man   Running Away  Taxi 7' w Version (Crazy Baldheads Riddim).mp3
Luciano and Capleton   Jah Kingdom   Xterminator 7' w Version.mp3

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