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 The system don't care
 Ras Vuyo feat Wild Life

Welcome to the new roots and culture Album. It will divert your attention to South African Reggae.

Diversion is a heavy roots reggae album which is melodic, hypnotic and meditative. It is music that carries a message and eloquently addresses social issues. This one is strictly for lovers of music.

Cape Town based producer, composer, songwriter and Sound Engineer, Ras Vuyo released his debut album "Diversion" on August 01, 2018.

Ras Vuyo has been working in the reggae music industry for 15 years as a producer and composed music that has been voiced by a number of South African and international Reggae artists including King Kong, Prince Malachi, Peter Spence, Jimmy Riley, Yellowman, C-Sharp Band, Laza Morgan, Freddie McGregor and many more.

Diversion is his first album as a vocalist and it features Mutabaruka, Wild Life and Vivian Jones from Jamaica. Azania Band is the backing band on all tracks except on ‘Life it nuh Easy’ which was produced by Hopeton Hibbert and ‘Diversion’ was produced by Dawit Menelik Tafari, and featuring Dean Fraser on Horns (Jamaica), Hopeton Hibbert (Jamaica), Manjul on percussions (France) Jah Roadz on percussions (UK) and Damien Allouch on horns (Reunion Island).

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Ras Vuyo is available for interviews | vuyo@ghettosound.co.za
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Blessed Love

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