Biggaton - eyes-of-di-wise

Caan Draw Me Out 03:57
Mama (feat. Kadian) 04:05
Intro- Words Of The Wise 01:02
No Hype Ting 03:38
Don't Be Tempted (feat. Kadian) 04:00
What A Ting (feat. MutaBaruka) 03:58
Caan't Hold Di Fire 04:06
Mi Know Dem A Who 04:04
More Than A Blessing 03:43
Dis Is The Ting (feat. Marcus Garvey) 07:05
She Want Di Bobo 03:51
Meck It Go So 03:59
Live Long With Herbs 04:08
I An I Queen Making Love 04:03
Outro 00:36

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