Trojan Presents: Mod Ska

Lord Kitchener   Kitch You're So Sweet 04:04
Lord Kitchener   Dr. Kitch 03:56
Millie   My Boy Lollipop 02:00
Joe White   Rudies All Round 01:57
The Vagabonds   Two For One 02:23
Jackie Edwards   Sea Cruise 02:24
Eric Morris   Number One (aka Drive It Home) 03:05
Tony Washington & The D.C's   Show Me How (You Milk The Cow) 01:54
The Rulers   Copasetic 02:33
Joyce Bond   Do The Teasy 03:09
Sugar & Dandy   What A Life 02:24
The Movers   Jo Ann 02:10
Alton Ellis, Alton Ellis & The Flames   Something You've Got 02:38
Baba Brooks & His Band   King Size 02:45
Sonny Burke   Rudy Girl 03:18
Afro Enchanters, The Afro Enchanters   Wayward African 02:33
Lord Creator   Big Bamboo 02:35
Ben Levy   Doreen 02:47
Richard Brothers, The Richards Brothers   I Shall Wear A Crown 02:43
Roy & Yvonne   Two Roads 02:21
Jackie Edwards   Stagger Lee 02:12
Baba Brooks & His Band   Cork Foot 02:37
Stranger Cole   Miss Dreamer 02:25
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes   The Higher The Monkey Climbs 02:57
Junior Smith   Cool Down Your Temper 01:39
Tony Washington & The D.C's   Honky Tonk 02:03
Top Grant   Suzie 02:45
Sir Lord Comic & His Cowboys   Skaing West 03:03
Lord Kitchener   Dr. Kitch 04:00
The Afro Enchanters   Wayward African 02:35
The Richards Brothers   I Shall Wear a Crown 02:45
Tony Washington & The D.C's   But I Do (Honky Tonk Ska) 02:05
Roy Richards   Contact (with Baba Brooks & His Recording Band) 02:26
Joe White   Rudies All Around 01:57
Dandy   Let's Do Rock Steady 02:47

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